About Cath

Cath King is a Nutritionist, who has been devoted to a wholefood, plant based (WFPB) diet for over 10 years. 


Cath specialises in helping people to lose weight healthfully and sustainably. She is the creator of an online program specifically for weight loss called Eat More to Weigh Less, which uses a WFPB diet to help people to reach a healthy weight and recover from food addiction

She is also the owner of Osteohealth NZ and runs bone health clinics throughout the South Island.

Her vision is to help bring health, happiness and peace to people and to planet.


"If you don't change your direction, you're likely to end up where you're headed." Ancient Chinese Proverb

My Qualifications


  • Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition - Cornell University
  • Vegan Master - Vegetarian Health Institute
  • Raw Vegan Nutritionist - Ekaya Institute
  • Raw Vegan Life Coach - Ekaya Institute
  • Raw Vegan Chef - Ekaya Institute
  • BA - Massey University
  • Montessori Diploma - Aperfield Montessori Trust
  • Dip. Teaching (ECE) - NZ College of Early Childhood Education

"After following Cath's recommendations for about 6 months my doctors told me my Crohn's Disease was in remission"    


"I had diabetes for 10 years and kept having to take more and more drugs to manage it. After 3 months on Cath's plan my blood sugars have normalised and I'm off all my medication."      



"My doctor told me that I had to take anti-inflammatories and have cortisone injections to treat a frozen shoulder. And even then it was going to take months before I noticed improvement. Using Cath's recommendations I noticed a huge difference in two weeks and it was back to normal in a couple of months with no medication what-so-ever." Michael

"I was discharged from the Air Force due to high blood pressure. Cath's low-sodium diet and relaxation techniques brought my blood pressure back down to normal before my first specialist's appointment and I was able to be re-admitted without taking a single drug."


Why Me?

Because I get results.


A WFPB diet is the most powerful tool we have at our disposal for weight loss and over-all health. I can show you how to make it work for you.

But there's something missing for many people who suffer from an addictive relationship with food. I can show you strategies for managing and recreating your relationship with food

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Please note: I am not affiliated with any dietetic regulatory body, nor do I subscribe to or recommend the New Zealand Ministry of Health Food Guidelines. It is a well documented fact that conflicts of interest with big players in the food industry, impact a large part of the recommendations offered by many health professionals today. My approach is evidence based, and part of my work involves teaching my clients, including doctors, pharmacists and dietitians, how to distinguish real science from industry marketing. The recommendations I provide are not only supported by top nutritional scientists and physicians, but they have also helped my clients achieve tremendous results, allowing them to get off medications they had been on for years. Ethics, education and results are what drive me to continue to study and deliver proper unbiased information to my clients every day.

Cath King

10 Juniper Place


Christchurch, New Zealand

Phone: 03 357 4335

Cell: 021 0232 6142